To allow members to have a greater understanding and say in how the society is run The TATS Committee will provide short notes of discussion from their committee meetings.

Members are invited to input or comment via the website Contact Page.

The 2020 TATS Committee Members are:

    • Jan Clemens
    • Simon Evans
    • Rosemary Gentry
    • Jane Hay
    • Ben Lusby
    • Penny Murray
    • Carrie Walker
    • Matthew Watson

Meeting Notes (precis)

January 2020

Matters arising

·        Pict’s Hill – thanks to everyone who completed the hard work to empty the storage barn at Pict’s Hill.  Official quotes would be sought to carry out the groundwork and erecting of an outdoor storage facility next door to the Village Hall.

·        Website photos and videos – committee to review pictures and videos on the website and feedback at next meeting.  Committee to provide new content to PP.

·        Village Hall display cabinet – for the TATS photo album.  SE agreed to construct and fit.

·        Village Hall curtains – TATS will purchase and hang new black-out curtains in the village hall.

·        Ad-Hoc Fringe Event in Harrold – It had been necessary for TATS to withdraw from this event.  It had not been possible to get a director in place and it was felt it would be better to focus on ensuring future productions in Turvey. TATS would offer support for front of house and other help where needed.


·        The next Newsletter was due at the end of February 2020. News items were requested.

NODA lunch

·        It was reported that Little Shop of Horrors had been nominated for two awards at the NODA awards: best musical and best lighting and effects. The NODA lunch would take place on 8 March 2020. SE would find out how many members of TATS would be allowed to attend the NODA lunch. It was agreed that it would be good to have both show and Committee representation at the lunch.

Financial report

·       The Committee approved the financial report. It was reported that a cheque for £208 for Bedford Food Bank had been raised following the raffle at the Vicar of Dibley (VoD) Saturday show in November 2019. This would need to be correct on the financial report

VoD Review (20 to 23 November 2019)

·       The Committee extended its special thanks to Karen Pickwick and Michelle Swales for directing such a fantastic show which was sold out every night. The Committee was particularly pleased that Deborah Evans, the original Director, had enjoyed it. The production was felt to be superb production and it had a wonderful cast. The NODA review had been very complimentary.

TATS Quiz (31 January 2020)

·       John Murray and David Hughes had agreed to run this year’s TATS Quiz. SE agreed to stock the bar. Volunteers were asked to man the bar. Start-time would be 7:30pm for 8:00pm. RG and PM agreed to lead on the raffle.

Shows and Events

·        June 2020 show (4 to 6 June 2020 – tbc) – The Committee was informed that Sarah Swidenbank had agreed to direct a show in early June 2020. She has suggested My Mother Told Me – a play for four women, ranging from teenager to grandmother. It was felt that this would potentially offer a different more gritty type of show compared to recent productions.

·       Oklahoma! (November 2020) – It was reported that Andy Stewart was now on board as Musical Director, Keeley Bootman as Choreographer and Barbara Delvigny as Producer. Mel Webb would be Stage Manager.  Someone would still be needed to do props and costumes.

Strategy and Core Committee Business

·        topics discussed were Flats, Programmes, set up and take down processes, PAT testing and a range of TATS policies from Health and Safety to Safeguarding.

February 2020

Pict’s Hill

    • Now empty and a lot of furniture etc was now being stored in J & P’s garage. Ideally this would be moved before the next show, although this was clearly weather dependent as the ground is currently extremely wet. We should wait to hear from SE on the quotes for groundwork and erection of outside storage facility.


    • JB had agreed to supply pictures of Little Shop of Horrors for the website but these had not yet been received.
    • PP had not received any content for the website. CW to send as agreed at last meeting.
    • Website privacy notices needed to be reviewed.

Village Hall curtains

    • TATS will purchase and hang new black-out curtains in the village hall. Window sizes to be obtained.


    • The next Newsletter was due. News items were requested.

 NODA lunch

    • Tickets were sold out. TATS members were on a wait list in case of any cancellations.

Financial report

    • This item was carried over to the next meeting as the email from SE with the financial report had not come through.

Shows and Events

    • My Mother said I never Should ( 4 -6 June 2020)
      • The play texts had now been purchased.
      • Dates for read through were 6th and 9th April – although the play features 4 women as many people as possible should be encouraged to come along as help would be needed in technical and other areas
      • Auditions would be 13th April and first rehearsal probably 16th April.
      • An early production meeting would take place with LL to discuss the requirement for projection.
      • Publicity for the play would also need to be agreed very soon.
    • Oklahoma!
      • The read throughs and auditions would be in mid – June, dates TBC.
    • John Warwick radio play
      • John Warwick had written a play about Turvey and it was suggested that we might perform one of them as a radio play.
      • May get some of the Bells of Turvey cast interested.
      • Play reading to take place at RGs house on 27th Feb.

TATS Quiz (31 January 2020)

    • John Murray and David Hughes had run a very good TATS quiz and the committee thanked them for their efforts. Around 50 people attended and there was a good atmosphere.  Finances to be covered at next meeting.

Strategy and Core Committee Business

    • TATS policies on Health and Safety and Safeguarding – BL agreed to review and update as needed