3rd November 2019

The TATS AGM took place in the boys clubroom, Turvey on 3rd November – Cheese and wine was served, courtesy of John & Penny Murray.

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The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society’s Production of a Christmas Carol.

Wed 5 – Sat 8 June  2019

In June we welcomed back Pauline Adams to the TATS directing role for another of the hilarious Farndale comedies, this time appropriately, being June!, its just had to be  Farndale Christmas Carol.

This was the fourth ‘Farndale’ to be performed by TATS and followed the hilarious ‘…The Haunted Through Lounge and Recessed Dining Nook at Farndale Castle’, again directed by Pauline, which went down a storm with audiences four years ago.

Pauline said, “Having been in the first 2 Farndale plays that TATS performed some years ago as Banquo {Macbeth’s son}, then as The Inspector in the second, I found them so funny and quite a challenge that years later when the opportunity came up for me to direct something, it had to be a Farndale – The Haunted through lounge and recessed nook at Farndale Castle, I enjoyed it so much I wanted to do another one….so there we are.”

“With some audience participation and a rogue PA system to contend with, this was an assault on the original Scrooge, performed by not-very-good actors. “People were treated to a night of sheer silliness, when the play took on some unexpected twist and turns.”

Cast and pictures from the show (click GO below)

Little Shop of Horrors

So we say goodbye to Audrey 2 as she wends her way home to Twickenham – next stop for her we hear is Scotland!

What can you say about the TATS production of Little Shop of Horrors,directed by Kate Brewster with dad Tim as musical director.

Fabulous, stupendous, unbelievable, fantastic, professional, just a few of the superlatives provided by some of our audience over the week.

Many congratulations to all the cast and crew for a stunning show.

Just in case you missed it here’s a glimpse of what you missed – just click on the picture.

Read the official NODA review below

Little Shop Of Horrors


30th March 2019


Turvey Amateur Theatrical Society (TATS)


Author: Richard Fitt

My first visit to Turvey to see a TATS show and what a great evening it was. Some old familiar names and faces from other productions around the district and some promising new ones as well. Director Kate Brewster had certainly gathered together a very competent cast and crew for this one.

The stage was basically a simple affair with blacks depicting the inside of the florist shop on Skid Row, with a shop counter stage right and a virtual doorway stage left. The band being positioned stage left but partially hidden by the front tabs. On the forestage left, a dustbin surrounded by full black bin liners out of which emerged a down and out drunk during ‘Skid Row.’ Very neat touch. A transparent gauze which divided the stage to shut off the florist shop and play scenes on the forestage was used to great effect especially when back lit to silhouette the backing singers in various numbers.  Another inspired touch and great use of scenery.

The auditorium was laid out ‘cabaret’ style with tables and chairs

Lighting by Lloyd Gray needs a special mention as, apart from being well designed was some of the most spot on cueing I have yet seen in amateur theatre, it was almost millisecond perfect. That said some of the ‘movable props’ (AKA actors!!) did still occasionally manage to position themselves in the wrong place.

Sound by Phil Pickwick was also well balanced and pitched at just about the right levels and pretty much crystal for a village hall.

The brilliant props and puppets were mainly supplied by The Really Youthful Company who only specialise in The Little Shop of Horrors, with additional items by Jan Oxford and Jan Clemens.

The programme by Kate Brewster was a very well designed piece of artwork. I’ll enter it into programme competition but the indistinct NODA logo on the front page may let it down. Need to use a clear concise logo with ‘Inspired by Amateur Theatre’ clearly visible guys.  Shame.

Choreography by Tara Hutchings was extremely well done with a very well drilled cast and some excellent slick routines.

The band led by MD Tim Brewster on 1st Keys were, as described in the programme, a very professional and tight outfit as I have come to expect from such quality musicians as Andrew Longland-Meech for once not being MD but on 2nd Keys, accompanied by Danny Barton on Guitar, Tom Chaplin on Bass and Dan Wild on Drums. Nice job guys!

Charlie Hammond, I am told stepped into the role of Seymour at three weeks’ notice after the original Seymour was forced to quit for medical reasons. I have seen Charlie in several productions, and it doesn’t surprise me that he was able to take over the part and make it his own in such a short period of time, such is his ability and acting prowess. A fine actor indeed who was every bit the consummate Seymour.

Leanne Lyndsey White made her return to the stage having lost none of her singing and acting ability playing the part of the abused Audrey, perfectly capturing both her naivety and enthusiasm, although I took a moment or two to accustom my aging ears to her strong high pitched but perfectly correct accent.

Paul Wildman, whom I have only come across before in a directorial role, as florist shop owner Mr Mushnik was another excellent piece of casting as the somewhat overbearing businessman quick to jump on the bandwagon of Audrey II.

Mark Bryant was a new face in yet another well cast part as the abusive dentist Orin, as well as several other parts. He dragged every ounce of comedy out of the dentist chair scene and I particularly loved his opening as the down and out alcoholic. I don’t know where he has been hiding but I look forward to seeing his considerable talents again in the future.

My standout performance however has to be divided three ways, the backing singers, Jasmine Turner (Crystal), Tara Hutchings (Chiffon) and Katie Bannister (Ronnette) just made this show with some very neat and slick routines and particularly their reaction to the action around them. Particularly liked the use of the mini Audrey II puppets in the finale. Clever, high energy stuff, loved it!

I have to admit I didn’t recognise Kate Brewster as the voice of Audrey II, so well done I thought it was a male voice! “FEED ME!!”

Well done also to Nikki Atkinson (Ms Bernstein/Patty Martin), Julie Carter (Mrs Luce/Customer) and Tom Brewster as ‘A Voice Not Unlike God’s and Interviewer.’

And finally, the unseen Dean Smith, the man behind the various puppet adaptations of Audrey II, obviously enjoying eating the rest of cast!

Kate Brewster certainly made the most of the resources available to her with a very slick production of this old quirky classic, the cast were well rehearsed, the routines well drilled with the band and the technical crew well on top of their game. I have to admit it’s not my favourite musical, but this version kept us very well entertained from beginning to end. A credit indeed to grass roots village hall drama, even if she did cast her net wide of Turvey to achieve it.  Well done to one and all.


Seymour – Charlie Hammond
Audrey – Leanne Lyndsey White
Mr Mushnik – Paul Wildman
Orin – Mark Bryant
Audrey II (Voice) – Kate Brewster
Crystal – Jasmine Turner
Ronnette – Katie Bannister
Chiffon – Tara Hutchings
Ensemble – Nikki Atkinson, Julie Carter

Audrey 2 OperatorDean Smith


Kate Brewster

Musical Director

Tim Brewster


Tara Hutchings


Jan Clemens


TATS annual showbiz quiz, now in its 7th year, took place in Turvey Village Hall on Friday 18th January 2019 and what a tense finale.

After 12 rounds including 2 music, a picture and an anagram round – 3 teams ended up within 2 points and 1st and 2nd tied. The result was decided by a tie break and won by team ‘mels marvelous minds’, seen below with their prize.

Thanks as usual to Karen & Phil Pickwick for organising a super fun evening and all TATS Committee and members who helped on the night.

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The Flint Street Nativity

The Flint Street Nativity, directed by Mel Webb, closed to another packed enthusiastic audience on 24 November.

Congratulations to Mel and the cast for some fantastic heartwarming characterisations, which brought both tears of joy and sadness to many during the week.

To see our cast list  and more pictures visit our Flint Street webpage

Read-Throughs – Completed
Auditions – Completed
Casting – Completed
Rehearsals – Completed
Live Shows – Completed


4th November 2018

The TATS AGM took place in the boys clubroom Turvey on 4th November, notes of the meeting can be viewed by clicking the arrow below.

The TATs 2019 Committee members are:

Jan Clemens
Simon Evans (treasurer)
Rosemary Gentry
Stephanie Munno
Penny Murray
Phil Pickwick (chairman)
Carrie Walker
Matthew Watson
Melanie Webb (secretary)

Please remember that all 2019 membership fees are now due to our membership secretary Rosemary Gentry.

TATS 40th Anniversary Ball

The TATS 40th Anniversary Ball
took place on a balmy Turvey evening on 7th July 2018

Organised by long-standing member, Penny Murray, over 80 current, previous and founder members and guests packed the village hall to celebrate the event.

A fantastic evening was had by all with music and dancing to the fantastic band DEXETER and super food provided by CAST IRON CATERING.

Just a few of the pictures can be seen below, with a full album due online soon, so keep checking back and watch this space.

if you really can’t wait then check out our facebook pictures


Read Throughs and Auditions are complete

keep checking back for cast details.

To be Directed by Mel Webb – November 21 – 24   2018:






Due to commence on Monday 9th July.

Anybody for Murder

7 to 9 June 2018:
directed by Jan Clemens.

So there we have it – final night over already and another storming performance completed.

Well done to Jan Clemens and all the cast and crew for another stunning TATS production – Brian would have been very proud.


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Race Night 2018

RACE NIGHT – Saturday 12th May

Regrettably, due to lack of bookings,  we have been forced to cancel the planned RACE NIGHT FUNDRAISER for Turvey Preschool

What Poppy did next!

TATS would like to congratulate Poppy Holman, author of TATS recent sell-out production of ‘BELLS OF TURVEY’, for having her new play, ‘Little Shining Eyes’ selected for inclusion in the Stagewrite festival of new writing in Bedford.


The festival takes place at ‘The Place’, theatre, Bedford and will be staged on 3rd and 4th May.

For more information and tickets please click the image to the left

What have the Windmill theatre and TATS got in common?


The Windmill theatre never closed during the blitz and so it was for TATS too during the recent ‘Beast from the East’ and Storm EMMA, TATS never missed a performance of ‘And then there were none’.

Congratulations to cast and crew for 3 massive performances over the last few days and a great big thank you to our audiences who braved the weather to support us.