Anybody For Murder? – Webpage

Welcome to the TATS webpage for
‘Anybody for Murder?’
7th to 9th June 2018

An hilarious farce
directed by Jan Clemens.

The play, written by Jan’s late husband, the award- winning Brian Clemens, is a comedy/thriller set in a remote farmhouse on an equally remote Greek island.

Max and his lover, Suzy, have concocted a plot to kill Max’s wife, Janet, so that they can be together, with the added bonus of Janet’s life insurance money. Their plan is for Janet to have a sailing ‘accident’. But, having put their plan into action, they are thwarted by the arrival of two unexpected visitors, in the shape of George and Mary Ticklewell, distant relatives of Janet’s, who bring news of a million-dollar legacy. Suzy then has to impersonate Janet to enable them to claim the inheritance. Max underestimates the Ticklewells, however, for they, too, have their eye on the money.

Thus begins an intriguing round of plot and counter-plot, involving bodies disappearing and re-appearing and among all this, there is a friendly neighbour who is writing a murder novel, further complicating the proceedings.

Your cast for the show (in alphabetical character order) is as follows:

Edgar Chambers         – David Hughes
Max Harrington           – David Pibworth
Janet Harrington        – Charlotte Lucas
Suzy Stevens                – Carrie Walker
Mary Ticklewell          – Deborah Evans
George Ticklewell     – Rob Woods

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SHOW CLIPS (courtesy of George Clemens)